My philosophy for potting is to keep designs simple and put great emphasis on craftsmanship and function.

The pots I make are to be used.

Why own a beautiful functional object and not experience the pleasure of using it for the purpose for which it was intended?

There is a peace and tranquillity about the place which is mirrored in the quiet colours and textures of my work.

The ceramics studio established in 1983 is located alongside the Caldon canal at Consall Forge, an idyllic situation in the heart of the Consall Nature Reserve and R.S.P.B. sanctuary.

This where I produce a comprehensive range of domestic stoneware, specialising in teapots.

By working on small batches of each item I successfully blend repetition with individuality to maintain a freshness and vitality of form which is often missing from production thrown ware.

Everything is made by myself, I even make most of the tools to suit my own individual working ways.

The clay I have used since starting up the studio is from Valentine Clays Ltd. It has a good level of plasticity that enables me to glaze the pots at different stages of the making process. I throw and turn pots on an old electric Alsager potter's wheel using a variety of bats depending on the diameter of the pieces.

I formulate my own glaze recipes and with combinations of oxides achieve a range of glazes complementary to my working techniques. I use Titanium Dioxide in the main glazes not just for it's colouring capabilities but also to produce a hard wearing surface finish.

Each pot is signed using a stamp that I made back in the 1970's before becoming a full-time potter.

Because of my love of cooking I tend to make pots for my own kitchen needs. This does have the advantage that I understand what is required when designing items for production.

I previously sold the majority of my pots through the larger established U.K. Craft shows, but since 1994 have been seeking exhibition/sales opportunities and developing workshop based projects and sales. I look to broaden my horizons by taking part in Ceramics shows and Festivals in mainland Europe, so far I have sold work at major ceramics markets in Holland, France and Belgium.

The studio showroom at Consall Forge generates sales to customers from all over the world.  Visitors mostly arriving by canal-boat although many manage to find us by road. I am always willing to discuss commission work and have several pieces in private collections world wide.

Consall Forge Pottery

Nick Williams

01538 266 625

Consall Forge Pottery,
Mill Cottages,
Consall Forge,
Wetley Rocks,
Staffordshire Moorlands,

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